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Tersia Theron


I am and who I am meant to be …

Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark.

~Zen Proverb


I am part of human kind. I am part of a collective love, energy, and vitality of all and everything; in other words I am the story of human kind. Albeit that little section of human kind that I experience within my sense of identity. Human in every aspect and as kind as one can possibly be. I am not my career, my thoughts, my various roles, my masks, my gender, or any other thing.

A human being attempting at being a human on a planet in a vast cosmos.

We are so often reminded: “You are just a very small part of everything.” We, each and every one of us, are connected to everything and everybody around us. Which gives us an important roll to play or fulfill in the greater scheme of things.

Our universe is stable and ordered and disciplined in comparison with us.  Is this the extremes of our polarized existence? Is that why it is difficult to acknowledge and write about who we are. We are nothing if it were not for others and stuff.

Reiki Room

Reiki Room Video

Born in fifties I grew up in a segregated South Africa. Although the Chinese curse; “May you live in interesting times” apply today. I personally regard it a blessing rather than a curse.

It is not easy and sometimes down right unpleasant for a while. But change for the better has never occurred in good times. A great number of customs and ways of life that were precious and worth passing on from generation to generation have become obsolete.

The changes, new ideas, rapid development, open thought processes and dynamism we are experiencing today are invigorating.

This web page is an unconventional system; looking at life.

It is only with practice,

wisdom and


that we dare tread where angels fear to walk.

We need the courage of our convictions and stamina to get up when the extraordinary happens. We need to become the best that we possibly can.

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.

~Nelson Mandela