Question from a client:

My interest is Reiki at the moment. I was diagnose with reactive arthritis 3 years ago when I was 37. I had to go through 5 doctors one a private doctor. He referred me to the public hospital, because he was unable to clear my discomfort. I think I`m very spiritual. I live my life through spirit every day, that’s why I want to approach the sickness from a spiritual point of view. The tablets they gave me does`t help me. You can advise me what the best option for me, if its possible. although I think Reiki will be the best option for me.



Reiki will definitely help you!

Reiki is a spiritual lifestyle and works on all levels of being. When you go for Reiki treatments you must also keep the Reiki Principles in mind:

I believe arthritis is a condition you develop when you are inclined to excessive self criticism and/or criticising others. Arthritis is caused by an invasion of toxins, viruses and bacteria assaulting the body.

In a nut shell: Every word and thought and deed in life is conveyed to our organs through the nervous system from our etheric body. Your energy system starts implementing your thoughts immediate after they enter your mind. If there isn’t congruence between your beliefs and actions, a chemical imbalance develop in the physical body. In other words our inner being starts working against us by initiating dis-ease in the body as a sign that some change is necessary to bring balance back into your life.

What happened four to five years before you were diagnosed?

Release the past and come to terms with anger and resentment. Re-evaluate the limitations you have put on yourself. Also, for a few months you must remove the following words from your vocabulary:

  • I can not
  • I will not
  • I should not
  • I could not
  • I have not

Because –

You can, you will, you want to and you are able to.

The Reiki will help you to release these toxic habits … but you will have to have the willingness to change your thought processes and habits – think positively and tolerantly and know that everything is perfect as it is. The gift and growth of learning a lesson is part of our spiritual journey.

Kindest regards