A life lived with acute awareness brings about a new way of thinking, doing and living. It is like the labyrinth – we walk a path full of about-turns towards our own destiny. We begin our paths unconsciously missing so much along the way and repeating patterns so often that we become stuck and despondent.

When acute awareness comes into play we learn and we grow and life becomes liveable and manageable. We can accomplish this by integrating a habits into our daily life.

  • Be in the moment. Stop thinking about what you have to do next. Just try it and see how much more you enjoy what was previous a shore.
  • Keep an open mind and listen.
  • Let go of habits that do not serve you any longer. But fill the holes they leave with new and creative but most of all pertinent observations.
  • Never stop learning – from everybody and every situation.
  • Become authentic. Be yourself.

“Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.” ~~ O’Niel