I received the following enquiry regarding Reiki today:


“My husband has had sputum tests, blood tests and seen the hospital and Doctor.No one appears to be able to help him. He battles to breath and there is a problem with his lungs we suspect. Would you be able to help – by realigning his chakras or energy?”


After a more detailed explanation of her husband’s very serious medical conditions I replied as follows ….


It sounds serious. I cannot diagnose your husband’s illness – it is best to work with the medical people in this instance as far as you can.

Reiki energy is channelled to the client:

Reiki treatments has a very calming effect on the client. Calmness in turn enables the body to respond better to treatment and can sometimes relieve the symptoms caused by worry and stress. Our bodies respond to stress by contracting into a tight ball or like an elastic that has reached its stretch limit.

The other benefit of a Reiki treatment is on an emotional and spiritual level. A Reiki practitioner’s has only intent (not expectations) in mind at all times. The intent is “… for the greater good of all”. What that ‘good’ is, is usually not clear but becomes apparent over time. A release of blocked energy on the emotional and spiritual level can help your husband cope better. I am loathe to make promises I am not in control of as it implies certain expectations.

My experience with Reiki energy however has always been positive.

 I have an office in Somerset West. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or want to make an appointment.