Since my introduction to Reiki 15 years ago I have lived a life of no fear of “Darkness” until recently. I believe that Reiki protected me on all levels from “darkness”. I trust and have faith that if I live in awareness and truth I will be bigger and stronger than any “darkness”.


light in darkness


The original matter was ever so insignificant (to me) but obviously not as trivial to the other party. Taking people at face value and quieting an unusual judgemental attitude. The stage was set and the lesson began: do not ignore your intuition and most of all don’t let your ego take over. A lesson in living your truth.


Taking my eye off what is … I walked right into the “darkness”. For a moment my body and my mind could not fathom what is happening. “Suffering” brought me back to basics and as I contemplated the matter and asked for clarity during meditation I found my inner voice. My inner voice spoke loud and clear and signs and signals directed me not only in clearing up what is happening but also in showing me how to deal with what is happening. I suffered for a day or two too long because I have always been of the mind that I will not – because I do not like to be accused of something I am not guilty of – act on an assumption. Until I got clarity I was floundering in uncertainty and dealing with physical and mental dis-ease that I could not explain.


Clearing my head, my body, my heart and my space I am ready to dissolve the darkness in my friend. Awareness and light will light up my protection and shine a light into the shadows of friendship. Light and strength of belief will light the path for both of us. I have grown and gained more than any common lesson could teach me. May I in my abundance and fortitude guide this friend to the Light of life?


Why was so much evil pleasant, pretty on the outside, like poisoned candy?