The following extract is from the book “Human Pin Code: Relationships” by Douglas Forbes.

“The power of the DNA Pin Code is that it gives us access to our true selves. It does not discriminate nor does it condition us to be anyone other than who we truly are. Importantly it teaches us to love unconditionally. When we understand ourselves we learn to accept who we are, we come to terms with our strengths and our limitations. This acceptance leads us to be tolerant of ourselves and this tolerance leads to tolerance of others. Ultimately it leads to love.” ~~ Douglas Forbes

Douglas Forbes is the creator of the DNA Human Pin Code. He grew up in central Africa before coming to live in South Africa when he was in his teens. The DNA Pin Code has been developed after more than two decades of study and tens of thousands of case studies.

“Enjoy your similarities and understand your differences.”

Douglas also advises that “… it is important the DNA Pin Code is used with integrity, as it has the power to uncover the workings of humankind in a way we have never seen before.”

The day we are born becomes our template. Once you understand, accept and love yourself you have the capacity to do the same to your fellow human. Since this knowledge is the essence to understanding yourself and improving your relationships with yourself, life per se and interaction with others becomes less traumatic and “drama”-free. People respond positively to the truth you are living.

People consult when their lives are in crises. The Pin Code analysis indicates what important lessons the person is ignoring or refusing to learn. “What you resist you attract.” The consulter is guided to understand his/her potential and “hot-buttons” which in turn enables him/her to manage critical periods.

What about people born on the same day and twins – or people born on the same day and month nine years apart also share the same Pin Code.

“When a practitioner undertakes an analysis on a Pin Code they will be able to see the potential of that person and, in fact, they will see the potential of all people born on that day: this potential is influenced by the people around them, particularly their parents and siblings in their formative years.”

  1. Each number in the Pin Code has the possibility of reacting ‘actively’ or ‘re-actively’. For instance; a person born on the 1 st day of a month have the potential to be a leader, bright, talkative, creative, jolly and confident but they also have the potential to be temperamental, aggressive, egotistical and have low self-esteem. How this person expresses their One personality will depend on their influences in the past and the current environment. The One will also be influenced by the other numbers in their Pin Code.
  2. Two people – one born on 17th December 1933 and 26th March 1960 also share the same Pin Code, but the decade in which they were born will influence the expression of their similar but individual Pin Code.
  3. People may be born on the same date but they will be influenced by parents and siblings born on different dates.
  4. Twins have the same parents and potential. They influence each other and their synergy determines their Pin Codes.