Everybody dreams every night.

The scientists, through the ages, have established this fact without a doubt. Why we dream, they still cannot fathom.

There are different schools of thought but people like Freud, Jung, Adler, Perls as well as Lacan and Hillman, people who work with the dreams of their clients have gone beyond waiting for empirical proof.

They have actually experienced and Jung in his book Dreams is of the opinion;

“Dreams have a psychic structure which is unlike that of other contents of consciousness. So far as we can judge from their form and meaning, they do not show the continuity of development typical of conscious contents. They do not appear, to be integral components of our conscious psychic life, but seem rather to be extraneous, apparently accidental occurrences.

The reason for this exceptional position of dreams lies in their peculiar mode of origin: they do not arise, like other conscious contents, from any clearly discernible, logical and emotional continuity of experience, but are remnants of a peculiar psychic activity taking place during sleep. Their mode of origin is sufficient in itself to isolate dreams from the other contents of consciousness, and this is still further increased by the content of the dreams themselves, which contrasts strikingly with our conscious thinking.”

We dream our own creations.

Nothing and nobody else but ourselves are responsible for the images and dreams that we experience night after night.

Dreams became an integral part of my “Know Yourself” therapy.

Dream interpretation brought all the lose ends together together with the normal procedure of metaphysical and psychological counseling.

We found the personality in numbers. The was trauma in regression. Destiny in the stars. But we faltered when we looked for guidance. Dreaming signposted the way and highlighted the difference perspectives that we questioned.

At the moment of frustration, I started consulting the Tarot. By dividing the dreams into sectors and then drawing a card for each sector. I asked questions when the symbolism was obscure. The finished off with an overall explanation card. This way we came to other and different perspectives.