Five Surprising Situations Fueling Your Anxiety

Here are five ways you may be adding undue anxiety to your life, as well some solutions to help you carry on better, less stressful days.

  1. The Anxiety Trigger: Putting Off Little Things

Not surprisingly, procrastination is number one on this list. Procrastination has been associated with “Criticism of Self and Behavior. In simpler terms, procrastination is usually results in people being overly critical of themselves and unable to achieve their goals; it’s a vicious cycle. But the worst thing about procrastination is that the anxieties associated with it are directed inward AND they add “to-dos” to your future, making it a toxic double whammy.

  1. The Anxiety Trigger: Clutter

A cluttered home can lead to a cluttered mind. You may think that being surrounded by clutter, clothes and tchotchkes is just your “way in the world,”but it may be causing you deeply rooted stress, leaving you with a short fuse throughout the day and preventing you from reaching your true potential in terms of focus and creativity. Additionally, clutter typically leads to misplaced items, which can spark stress in a time of need.

  1. The Anxiety Trigger: Friends Who Complain a Lot

We’ve written about the stresses that accumulate when dealing with toxic friends — it can be miserable. Unfortunately, many people aren’t even aware that a negative friend or presence is at the root of their anxiety.

When you’re with a friend who excessively complains or speaks negatively about others frequently, it may make you feel like you need to compensate by being extra positive, talking them off the proverbial ledge.

  1. The Anxiety Trigger: Running Late

“On time is 15 minutes late!” an old professor used to say to me. It’s annoyingly truthful. Tardiness is the anxiety trigger we’re all guilty of now and then.

The worst thing about “running late” is that it typically happens in the morning, setting a tone for your entire day that includes angst and feelings of being rushed — not fun.

  1. The Anxiety Trigger: What You’re Wearing

This may sound silly or shallow compared to the other “real problems” in your life, but in your day-to-day, the wrong attire can cause massive anxiety. Here are some common stress-triggering mistakes:

Not dressing for the weather or only dressing for the weather. Wearing clothes that are too tight: Sure, you might need to lose a few pounds, but do you really need that stressful and self-deprecating reminder every time you sit down? Wearing shoes that hurt your feet: I’d say this is for our female audience only, but I know better.

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