If you don't like something change it;
if you can't change it,
change the way you think about it. ~
Mary Engelbreit


How people view change

1          Those who Avoid Change

Advantages Disadvantages Advice
You are happy with your

lot, you do not get bored


You might become stifled by

the limiting routine

Get in touch with your emotions and listen to your intuition
You usually find answers

within yourself

You are putting up with things,

when they could be better

Change can be gradual. Look at what you want and
You are decisive because

you are a creature of habit

Past disappointments are

influencing your decision


Find the courage to enjoy the unexpected

You are in a rut. Envisage change. Imagine other possibilities. There is a possibility that you might end up valuing new experiences more than the current situation.


2        Lack Motivation to Change

Advantages Disadvantages Advice
You allow yourself of the

luxury of changing your


You fail to follow through

because of the lack of belief,

energy or staying power

Baby steps. Fewer changes with more determination
The idea of making

mistakes do not deter you

You over think and abandon

change at the first hurdle.

Priorities and distinguish the important changes you need to make
You think that those who

persevere are maybe


Either a lack of self-esteem or

you need to find out how to

put your plans into action

Stop making excuses

Change isn’t difficult. You do not lack the will or the capacity to change. You stop before you can experience the results.


3        Welcome Change

Advantages Disadvantages Advice
You are adaptable and

flexible. Both good


Perpetual change are your

way to keep one step ahead

Find some stability.
You like change, know how

to stick to a decision to

the end

You can lose touch with your


Reduce the number of changes you want to make.
You are not afraid of

potential negative


Are you running away from

something? Are you

afraid time is passing you


You have the ability to act on decisions – persevere.

You love change. You make quick decisions. You do not regret the things you do. Your challenge in life is to reduce the number of changes you want to make.


4       Afraid of change

Advantages Disadvantages Advice
You are careful You are frustrated and


Learn to throw yourself in at the deep end
You weigh pros and cons


You continuously question the

path you have chosen

Fight your fear of failure
You are not impulsive Outcomes can only be judged

on hindsight

One learns more from failure than from giving up

Change means – if everything goes to plan – that you might find something nicer than what you have. Unfortunately you cannot be sure about anything at decision time. This is why you put change off for another day.


 Summary of an article found in the

Psychologies magazine by

Christophe Andre