Between day to day life and your experience of it (good and bad) lies a control centre. In this control centre you have freedom and happiness. It is entered only in a state of calm control. It is where you have the power to choose how your react to life. In your reaction lies your power and ability to discern the quality of life and focus on balance and your highest potential.

Focussing and controlling your mind you override the destructive and limiting emotions. An uncontrolled thought process is not only restrictive but it is also prone to be controlled by others.

Only you can really control your mind. Change your mind and change your life.

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.” – Napoleon Hill

“If you don’t control your mind, someone else will.” – John Alliston


How you can take control

Have a plan for your life.


Life is not easy. A range of interpersonal, career and health problems are a fact of life. When setbacks occur, stomach churning emotions give you sleepless nights and affect your health. Such emotions are only suitable for a life in the jungle. Only the focused attention of common sense fits today’s more civilized world. Write down your major concerns in life. Prepare a plan to change what you can and to accept the things you cannot change.


Continue the planning process every time you feel disturbed by an untoward



While having a plan immediately stills unreasonable fear and anger, problems will reappear in new forms. A few minutes of concentrated attention spent on a plan of action, or acceptance will save you from the modern problems of diabetes, blood pressure and heart attacks.


Learn to instantly relax your body and still the initiation of anger, or fear signals.


Every day, stressful events as well as poor postures will tighten many of the 60,000 muscles in your body. Tensed muscles often remain tightened and do not automatically relax. Tightness triggers irritability, which tenses more muscles in a vicious cycle. Focus your common sense on the state of your body to instantly relax your muscles, stifling anger, or despair.


Pump your stomach at signs of mild stress.


Regardless of a planned approach to life and a relaxed body, traffic snarls and rude colleagues will always be present. Become aware of your stress responses. Expel air by tightening stomach muscles close to the pelvic area. Stomach pumping quiets visceral reactions, spreads adrenaline in the system and subdues tension. The process is aerobic, decreases stress hormones, relieves constricted blood vessels and supports immune activity. A delayed flight will not spoil your day. Your common sense will remain in control.

Learn breathing exercises.


Conscious breathing has a stilling effect on emotions.


Focus the attention of your common sense on your thoughts, whenever you have free time.


People have many habitual streams of thought. With practice, self-awareness will make such thoughts as familiar as friends. With the attention of your common sense, the more negative thoughts will suddenly appear to be childish or irrelevant. The generated emotions will not be able to transport you into anger, fear or despair. This process is also called mindfulness meditation

Allow positive feelings to invade your mind.


You cannot enjoy the beauty of a flower when you feel awful, but a plan for life, a relaxed body and continuing self-awareness will steal the negative emotions in your mind. A mind that is free will naturally appreciate the beauty of life. When you feel good, it is easy to feel friendly and affectionate towards people. People respond back to your good feelings. When you feel good, your common sense will control your life.


Keep faith in yourself that you will be able to tackle any problem.


See good sights and hear good music.