Reiki is a effortless lifestyle with powerful positive consequences. I found the follow

ing article by Kathie Lipinski  called “What I believe about Reiki:

Reiki heart


The following extract about what the writer below believes is Reiki reflects my own belief.

“As Autumn and the time of many beginnings approaches, it seems a good time to reflect on how my beliefs about Reiki have expanded and changed over the years. I have been working with Reiki now for ten years. It started out as learning a simple healing technique but has blossomed into so much more. Here are some of my thoughts.

I believe that Reiki is different things to different people. It is “userfriendly” so to speak and it meets you where you are at in your life. It seems to find you when you are most in need or ready for the next step on your path. Perhaps your soul calls out for a better way. Or your higher power knows you need a change.

I believe that Reiki can be a simple healing technique, a spiritual path, or a personal empowerment journey (or all three combined.) That is why there are so many different schools of Reiki, so many different ways to do it, and so many varying philosophies. It is also why Reiki blends in so well with massage, cranio-sacral work, counseling, nursing, and any other helping or health related profession.

There is no perfect school or right way to do Reiki ……

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