Metaphysical coaching has a holistic approach and the capacity to:

  • Guide a person from being shackled and crippled by his perception of what another has done to him, then
  • Cognitively the person is led to clarity, reason and truth –
    • Why am I taking offence and why am I making this a personal affront?
    • How is my inability to choose to forgive affecting my present situation relating to:
      • relationships
      • career
      • life
      • love
      • health
      • happiness, etc?
    • What does forgiveness entail?
    • What can I expect from forgiving my “enemy”?
    • How do I genuinely ask for forgiveness?
  • compassionate understanding of the situation
  • make use of reason to adjust, adopt and overcome
  • enable the client to take control of his own emotions and maintaining a balance between reasonable anger and forgiveness
  • enable/assist the client in making better choices that enhances his lifestyle rather hinder it
  • Moving on … free from hate and guilt.

Through a metaphysical coaching process the client and coach investigate and develop skills the client can utilise, which may consist of:

  1. Meditation (various types)
  2. Visualisation
  3. Self hypnosis
  4. Affirmations
  5. Journal writing
  6. Guided imagery
  7. Movement
  8. Art
  9. Dream interpretation
  10. Thinking metaphysically and philosophically about life
  11. Accepting that the situation is perfect – surrendering to it – there is a bigger picture not quite clear at the moment but worth anticipating
  12. Creating a future worth living through correct thought