Magical words that can set you free

Troubling thoughts appear from time to time and unsettle your general well-being. You can release these thoughts and emotions about situations, people and experiences you’ve had. You do not have to tolerate them any longer.

Understanding your darker side

We fight our nature and go against our own values to please others, usually by subordinating. In order not to hurt others, we hurt ourselves. I had a very profound shift in my personal relationship this year regarding this so-called light/shadow self.

Trauma from generation to generation

The child speaks what their parent could not. He or she recognizes how their own experience has been authored, how one has been authorized, if unconsciously, to carry their parents’ injury into the future. In rising above the remnants of one’s ancestors’ trauma, one helps to heal future generations.

Nail Biting and Perfectionism

The findings could help therapists treat patients who suffer from the disorders; studies have shown that these types of perfectionist beliefs and behaviors can be eased with cognitive-behavior therapy. If patients can learn to think and act differently when tension builds, they may be able to stop the urge before it starts.

Does your reality equals a monkey mind, boredom and being disgruntled

Frustration—Issues—Ruts—Monkey Mind—Boredom—Disgruntled
Do any of the above words describe how you feel?
My mind is in turmoil. It goes round and round in a never ending circle. What exactly is bothering me?
I am bored and feel like breaking away and out of my roles and ruts. What are the underlying and nagging issues?
I am frustrated, bored, irritable and disconnected? Why can I not identify the cause of all these feelings?