Reiki is a complimentary therapy that enhances health and well-being. It is non intrusive and works on an energetic and spiritual level of being. Which in turns give the physical and emotional body of the person a chance to operate optimally.

Energy Vibration:

We are energy and energy vibrations can me measured. When we are not feeling well our measurable vibration is very low and the body is unable to awaken its inherent healing ability. The Reiki practitioners’ pure and calm intent – for the greater good of all – raises the energy vibrations and hold it. The higher energy is then channeled through the hands to the recipient, whose weaker or blocked energy eventually resonates with that of the Reiki practitioners’.

When the body’s depleted energy is unable to clear the dis-eased or blocked and negative energy, the natural healing is impeded and unable to work normally. However, when the two energy vibrations vibrate at a healthy high level, the immune system becomes more effective and healing is not only enhanced but the dis-eased person becomes more in tune with what is happening and better able to cope with the situation.

We forget that the body is able to heal itself most effectively.


Reiki is a practice of pure intention; sending unconditional love to the clients and their situation and respecting the path that the person is presently walking.

Generally the Reiki recipient will go home feeling calmer, relaxed and energized. This usually allows the physical body to sleep better, gain confidence and awareness of the reason’s for the dis-ease. Clearing the energy field one feels more connected, purposeful and intuitive.

In other words: Reiki works on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels of all living organisms: human beings, animals and plants.

Reiki is not:

a diagnostic tool. At most, Reiki practitioners can scan the aura of the body with their hands and with sensitivity feel out-of-sync vibrations. The impulse to diagnose can impede the effectiveness of Reiki. As complimentary therapist one limits the possibility of ‘various’ healing(s). We cannot always be aware of the purpose of the illness and the spiritual journey towards wellness might be more important than to the growth of the person than simply healing. It is therefore custom to allow the Reiki energy to work its ultimate wisdom.