Reiki is a form of energy medicine, meaning that it seeks to promote

  • physical,
  • mental, and
  • emotional

healing without the use of physical substances.

Reiki =  “rei” means universal wisdom and

“ki” means life force),

Reiki basically involves a trained practitioner using their hands to transmit healing energy often experienced as heat or tingling. This healing energy can be targeted to treat specific conditions via the practitioner’s intention.

How do we know that Reiki works?

The number of clinical trials on Reiki is limited. This is due to the fact that Reiki is based on the thousands of years-old concept of “life force”, which is currently unmeasurable by scientists.

A new clinical study, called the Touchstone Process, is being developed to help account for unfamiliar/non-science based variables. People’s trust in Reiki lies on the information passed down from thousands of years of pre-Western medical knowledge.

What exactly can Reiki heal?

Reiki in medical settings is treated as a complimentary form of treatment – patients suffering from almost any condition have the option to be treated with Reiki in addition to their allopathic/Western medications.

Minor everyday conditions such as stress and related stress ailments or an occasional headache are successfully treated by Reiki on its own. Reiki can also target minor psychological patterns (such as by helping eliminate negative thoughts).

Is Reiki safe?

By nature, Reiki can never be targeted to fulfill a negative intention, and Reiki always obeys freewill. A practitioner may freely transmit the energy, whether the patient actually receives it is completely up to their inner consent. The practitioner’s hands do not have to be in physical contact.

How does it feel to receive Reiki?

How Reiki feels depends specifically on the physical, mental, and emotional states of the patient.

How and where can I get Reiki?

Reiki is not limited to medical settings! Even in the physical absence of a Reiki practitioner, anyone can receive Reiki due to the existence of a type of Reiki called Long-Distance Reiki. Long-Distance Reiki allows for the transmission of healing energy that is not bound by time nor space.

Try it out for yourself and experience the incredible effects of Reiki!