Spirituality in our everyday life.

Our spirituality stems from our individual experience and spans a bridge between

* our environment,
* our relationships and
* our inner world.

This is why spirituality is such an individual aspect of being human. There are no rules or steps one can take or be taught – it is a life long journey for everyone. The journey is much more important than the destiny. If one does not take cognizance of the journey one might arrive at the destiny without realizing it, unfulfilled and wobbling.

Spirituality has to do with the soul and the non-physical aspect of being. The soul uses a physical image (the body) as well as its environment as a uniform or transport vessel. This uniform/vessel is transient during the journey. There are constant changes taking place; in stagnation as well as in expansion.

Our spirituality is an integral part of our existence; what we do, what we know, how we love, how we hate, what we eat, what we listen to, how we see, our relationships, our career, our family – it encompasses absolutely everything.

The spiritual journey is something everybody at some stage in their lives becomes aware of consciously. Although our destiny is more or less set out – our choices make us walk different paths towards this destiny. In the beginning we are focused on survival and accomplishment. As we mature (and accomplish) other “things” become more important. Most of the time, it is evident that we have experienced certain aspects of life to prepare us for future growth and ultimate happiness. We meet people who play major and minor roles in our part of the drama of life. Some stay for as long as possible and others just cross our paths (some are obstacles and others acting as guides). The significance of our interaction with others; negative as well as positive. become clear over time and depends on our maturity, awareness and individual spiritual path. If it was not for these “others”, maturity, wisdom and spirituality would have no value and exist in a vacuum.

Our spiritual journey manifests in many ways: all our roles that we play in the drama of life has a spiritual aspect; whether we are parents, children, persons, employees, employers, ministers, politicians, grandparents, the old man or woman down the road, the beggar on the corner of the street. It is for us to chose, live life and know that we have given it our all.

Spirituality is also reflected in our environment and how we treat the things for basic survival and well being. Nature and all things natural emphasizes spirituality in ways that we may never see if we are not aware of this aspect of spirituality. The cycles, connectedness of all things and dependence of all of nature and the consequences of nature out of balance, sketches for us a clear picture of a possible chaos we do not want to contemplate.

I see our spiritual journey as a path we have to walk on earth in the present moment and in truth ultimately for the well-being all mankind. It is not a condition to aspire to something, somewhere out there and one day soon. No, it is a way of being, created by consciously becoming aware of our inner wisdom and realizing that existence is a matter of all is one and one is all – connectedness.

Truth was, is and will always be. In truth we are safe. The essence of this journey is that it has to be traveled here and now by all.