Does your reality equals a monkey mind, boredom and being disgruntled

Frustration—Issues—Ruts—Monkey Mind—Boredom—Disgruntled
Do any of the above words describe how you feel?
My mind is in turmoil. It goes round and round in a never ending circle. What exactly is bothering me?
I am bored and feel like breaking away and out of my roles and ruts. What are the underlying and nagging issues?
I am frustrated, bored, irritable and disconnected? Why can I not identify the cause of all these feelings?

To better listen to your intuition, try:

  1. Meditation: Spend time in silence, simply listening. 2. Commune with nature: Aim to get at least sometime outside every single day. 3. Creativity: Tap into your internal artist by drawing, writing, painting, or making music. 4. Learn to listen: In general, listen[…]