Life secrets worth remembering,

We often flounder trying to establish a personal spiritual path. A path and lifestyle that you feel comfortable with:

A simple path, where we get back to the natural world and realise our connection. And even though life has changed so much we have ancient wisdom worth contemplating. Being true to our self and less sheepish. Not only following our dreams but also realising that we are the authors of our own dreams. A life purpose cloaked in love and forgiveness. Of living free of fear; fear that is being used to force us into submission and giving away our freedom. We have the power to think and the lessons to be found in  past mistakes and successes. Life is simple if we remember to trust and wonder at the same time.

1. We forgot our place in the natural world
2. We forgot our connection to life and the cosmos
3. We forgot our ancient wisdom
4. We forgot our path and our dreams
5. We forgot our purpose
6. We forgot that everything is Love
7. We forgot to Forgive
8. We forgot to be Free
9. We forgot our real power
10. We forgot our lessons from history
11. We forgot to be simple
12. We forgot to trust, believe and wonder

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