Words have a profound effect on our emotions – it can make us laugh, anger us and it can make us cry. Most of all it reflects our thoughts and creates our reality. It is a very powerful tool in our daily lives. That is why we must become aware of the way we describe our experiences as well as our vocabulary in general.


Magic Word Hat

Words and their magic


The way we live our lives are born from the words we speak.

Words influences the emotions we feel. The way we describe our experiences have a direct influence on how we feel about an experience. The one given in our lives, i.e. change, conjure different emotions in every single one of us. Some people will describe change as an adjustment to altered circumstances and change is not as devastating as those who might describe change as overwhelming and something that creates uncertainty or insecurity. The emotions that come about describing adjustments to changed circumstances is very different from the emotions that come about from being overwhelmed.



If our words create our reality we can change our life experiences and take a little control of our happiness. If we constantly moan and groan, our lives reflect a sad inner world. Only seeing the negative draws negativity to us. People stuck in this attitude have difficulty not just coping with life but being happy; they focus on all the bad stuff and assume the worst scenarios. Usually it is a question of imagining a future from the baggage of past experiences. Dwelling either in the future wishing for something nicer or better or regretting and feeling guilty of things that happened in the past, we lose out on the only moment we will ever have – now, this instant.


The words we speak are our magic. Thinking and talking with a positive attitude allows us to live our true potential. We create with every word we utter – make every word count, make it a good word.


Initially we think and ponder over and plot and analyse and wonder and project and plan internally. This thinking process is the conception of all things. Then we begin to voice our thoughts; we discuss the merits and defend your thought process. We get input and feedback from those we talk to. We change and tweak our plans and ideas and then we become enthusiastic and are moved to positive action. Our goal is now within our grasp. Positivity takes us one step closer to our goals. When obstacles come our way we stay fluid and like water we don’t get stuck in negativity but find ways to go around the obstacle. Obstacles are stepping stones on our way to our goals.


The secret is; whatever we think and utter has to be done with total awareness. If that which we think and talk about is the reflection of our inner world and the catalyst that sets in motion that which we have conceptualised, a positive frame of mind and attitude is of utmost importance in creating happiness.


It is as if the universe eavesdrops on all our words, listening for hints and clues to what we are aspiring to. Once you start voicing your ideas – synchronicity comes into play. How many times have you thought of something when a book regarding the subject is recommended or is passed on to you? Or a person with a certain expertise crosses your path and gives you valuable information or directions.


We can take responsibility for our lives on all levels. We have personal choice. I am not suggesting that only good things happen to positive people. When positive thinkers and talkers are pitched a curve ball they don’t duck. They face it head on with the attitude that this is something new that they have to know, do or experience. They are open to change and guidance, finding the silver lining on the other side of the challenging situation. An open mind coupled with expectation that there is something else or something new in the pipeline that needs to come through for them, is reflected in the positive way they choose to voice their experience.


Another characteristic of positive people is that they believe they deserve to be happy and lucky. They are not narcissistic – those who believe the world owe them life – no, they know that life is worth living and when there is worth in something there is hope. Hope is never expressed in the negative. Hope is a positive attitude. Hope expressed in words is uplifting and expansive. It is worthwhile affirming that you know what is true. Giving the universe the opportunity to provide what you need, giving you the impetus to action and positive achievement. People with no hope and no goals and no future are like plastic bags in the wind. They sadly wind up stuck on barbed wire and are shred to pieces over time.


In other words if you choose to train your mind to think in terms of likely, that which is conceivable is possible, you are halfway to creating a magical reality. Having control over your thoughts is taking control of your life and your happiness.


By choosing your thoughts,
and by selecting which emotional currents you will release
and which you will reinforce,
you determine the quality of your Light.
You determine the effects that you will have upon others,
and the nature of the
experiences of your life.

~ Gary Zukav –


Thoughts are boomerangs, returning with precision to their source. Choose wisely which ones you throw.